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Bridle houseplants and flower pots

Bridle houseplants and flower pots

You are planning your move and don't know exactly how to handle your indoor plants? Or the company in which you work is planning to relocate and your beloved "window leaf" should not be damaged? Then you should consider some things. In addition to the time of year, it is also a matter of correct storage during transport.

In principle, when moving, all plants should be placed in the removal van at the very end. This is because plants are particularly sensitive and should not remain in the moving van for long if possible.

Winter: If you are moving in winter, it is important that the plants are packed frost-proof. Old newsprint is the best choice. This is an important measure to prevent them from being damaged, as the moving van is usually unheated.

Summer: If you move to a new home in summer, the same applies to your green plants as in the cold season. Even with this option, you don't know how long the things in the heated car will stay in the sun or where they will be parked first at their destination, so you should water them well before packing. Even if this makes the pot heavier, it makes perfect sense. A heavy flower pot with a beautifully flowering plant in your new home will usually do better than a light pot containing dried green. To ensure that no moisture escapes, you should put the pot and the plant in a plastic bag that is tied together at the top.

Care after moving: Once the transport is over and you have arrived with your green protégés in their new home or workplace, you should spoil them accordingly. Because just like for yourself or for animals, (removal) stress is very harmful for plants and can cause both fungal infestation and insect pests. You can increase the resistance of the flower sticks in advance with fertiliser and biological helpers. The ideal period for this is between one and two weeks before the start of the move.

At the new location it helps if the plants are sufficiently watered and not moved for a while. Even if you make sure that the goods find their way into your new home first, it is still important to make sure that any furniture or boxes that are transported subsequently do not damage the plants. It is clear anyway that you should select the pitch in such a way that it meets the climatic requirements and is good for the respective plant species. A special ration of fertilizer can also help the plants to acclimatise quickly and to enchant you in your new home with beautiful flowers or refreshing greenery.

Lots of little plants: If you have several small flower pots to take with you to your new home, it makes sense to put them in a cardboard box and fill the spaces between them with newspaper. So they are well and safely packed and cannot be damaged. It is also important that you fill the box completely (see last blog entry).

Big plants:
If you have a large or particularly bushy plant in your home that you want to take with you into your new home, you should tie it up with a little raffia or cut strips of cloth. It is best to make sure that all leaves point upwards before tying. During transport or if the plants are deposited on the sidewalk beforehand, it is best to store them lying down. This will prevent them from falling over and being damaged by a gust of wind.

Cactuses You have to pack cactuses especially before you go into the moving van. Here, however, the plants themselves need less protection than the removal helpers, who are helping, after all, nobody should injure themselves. The best solution here is bubble wrap or bubble wrap that wraps around the cactus.

Agaves also need special precautions before they can be transported. After all, you should not risk anyone getting injured at the really dangerous tips. Corks or polystyrene chips, which you can attach directly to the tips, can help here.

If you want to protect sensitive orchids from damage when moving, you should wrap a long strand of cotton wool around the flowers beforehand. The panicles should also be protected in this way before wrapping the whole pot with plenty of newspaper.


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